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"Before I started with Miranda, I was working harder than ever before, trying to get face to face meetings with people to show them the worth of my business. I had spent $1,000's and $1,000's on strategy / other coaches but nothing was happening, my business was literally at $0 despite all my efforts. It was tiring and unmotivating. I was so ready for change and to move my energy to something different, but could not pin point what was wrong. Since working with Miranda and the Superconscious, my business is booked out for nearly 12 months. I have passed my original income goal I had set and now the options are endless. I don’t need to chase clients – now they’re trying to chase me down!!! Within 2 weeks of this work I landed my first $25k deal, after a year of NOTHING. A few months on, I’m now over $100k. I feel in alignment with my energy and life – I’m now living my ideal days and being more creative with what is possible. If you're thinking about working with Miranda - ask yourself - why wouldn’t you want to be better and live better?! I say Jump ALL in! The rewards of this work are endless!"

— Lauren Taylor - Educational Leadership Coach

Meet Miranda...

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Miranda has worked in the Coaching and Wellbeing industry for over 16 years and studied Psychology and Business at various institutions for over 8 years.

She has experienced a life of struggle in many forms, including mental health problems, eating disorders, job loss, financial hardship, unhealthy relationships, divorce and single parenting.

She began her Coaching business 6 years ago in the hope that she could provide for her son and spend precious time with him, have the freedom lifestyle she longed for and fulfil a life long dream and mission where she could make an impact and a contribution to others.

However, the reality of business was hard. She began working 50+ hour weeks with a new-borne son, trying every strategy she could think of, but nothing seemed to work. Even after spending over $575,000 on Coaches and her business, trying NLP, RTT, EFT, Hypnosis, inner child work, manifestation, marketing consultants, facebook ads, networking, workshops, podcasts and every mindset and strategy work she could get her hands on, she still couldn't get her desired $10k months and the consistent income, freedom or fulfilment she was after.

When she uncovered the work of the SUPERCONSCIOUS 2 years ago, everything changed. This work, along with the business strategy that she learnt from her coaches, enabled her to build her Coaching business to $40,000-200,000+ months, realise true health and vitality, create beautiful relationships and live a life she loves. All thanks to this deep transformational and business work.

So she is now on a mission to inspire 100,000 women to live out their wildest dreams for themselves and their business. She has transformed over 143 one-on-one clients lives and presented to over 3,100 people taking them through this process, with miraculous results.

"I had been working in my business for a year or so when I stepped into working with Miranda, I was experiencing mild success... inconsistent. While working with Miranda, she helped me get my biggest month in business to date within 2 weeks of the superconscious work! I spent so long in my business wandering around playing Marco Polo in the dark, with Miranda helping me explore the possibilities for me from a superconscious level while working on how to create this on a systems and support level, I now feel like I have a full tool box - emotionally, metaphysically and with business! Miranda created this beautiful space between the land of possibilities and with how to land that in our physical world."

- Nat Quirk (Confidence Coach)

In such a short time, my business has absolutely exploded and for the first time ever I had a structure that I resonated with so much and before I knew it, I did a $20k month!!! The superconscious work is absolutely mind blowing and I'm totally in love with where I'm at and being able to connect with my inner power that has been dormant inside me for so long. I feel like I've been set free. Before connecting with Miranda I was stuck in moving forward in my business. I had so many blocks and the more I kept pushing, the more resistance I got. Working with Miranda has allowed me to access parts of myself I didn’t even know existed. I'm so excited for whats to come.

- Kristen Russel (Leadership Coach)

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