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Hey...Beautiful coaches! Can I change your life real quick?

Actually, I can change it forever in just 22 minutes...but first there's something you need to understand...

If you're like me ( well, how I used to be ), and caught in an endless hamster wheel of struggle...

...and doubt...

...and lack and frustration and FEAR because your dream business just isn't going to plan...

Then it's time to make a change.

Because every incredible woman reading this (yes, even you) deserves a life of success, abundance and fun… 💎

But unfortunately, so few of us get there because we’re just constantly getting in our own way.

Trust me, I’ve been there. Just a few years ago I was in a pretty sticky situation...

👉 Freshly divorced, 6 months pregnant...

👉 Broke as a joke.

👉 Working 50+ Hour weeks in a business that BARELY paid my meagre bills...

Basically, it wasn't all going to plan

And no matter how many 'strategies' I invested in…

(Messenger, groups, ads, funnels, content, DM’s...you’ve seen it all)

I just kept getting deeper in the hole.

Something was missing.

And when I finally figured out what that was, it changed the game forever.

In a matter of months I literally went from 30k years to 30k weeks.

I went from working myself to death to giving myself a LIFE….And now I’m ready to help you do the same.

I’ve managed to condense the exact process that changed MY business, into a 22 minute call that has helped literally hundreds of women to unlock their potential, and this week, I’m offering these calls for free.

⚠️WARNING: These calls are strictly limited as I've gotta stick to my plan of working minimal hours and spending maximum time with my family. Book a call now to grab one of the handful of spots I've set aside to speak with you amazing ladies! Can't wait to meet you there.

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Meet Miranda...

Your Coach

Miranda has been in her coaching business for the last 6 years, along with 16 years in the psychology and wellbeing industry. For the first 3 years of her business, she struggled.

She spent 50+ hours a week with a newborn son trying to make a life for them as a newly single mum. 2 years ago she was introduced to the power of the SUPERCONSCIOUS and her life and business was totally transformed.

She went from 0-5k months for years to a 10k month within a one month of applying this work and has never looked back. She has now created a thriving business to go that brings in 30-200k months while she works 10 hour weeks.

Her entire life, love, health and freedom continue to expand beyond what she ever imagined. Now she is on a mission to teach this exact process to women, to liberate them into the full, abundant and fulfilling lives that they deserve.

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